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kFox49 Jul 31, 8:24 PM

* to be worth it's weight in gold.

HIMMENY Aug 01, 9:16 AM

@kFox49 Thank you! yes I have that book, yet to finish it though, keep up the great work!

Gambler6 Aug 01, 2:55 PM

You got this, Himmeny! I've only been trading in the challenge for a year and haven't been profitable as hoped. Lots of knowledge gained, and my first green month in a VERY long time. Determination is key, and I've had mad respect for your determination. Stick with it, I want to see you at the finish line!

Parallax278kAU Aug 01, 3:19 PM

Well done Himmeny Jack is right reset seems a great idea! You are driven, commited and hard working -thanks for always helping always answering questions on monthly lives with Tim! Stay strong keep fighting and soon we will see you being the next milli!! Godspeed!!

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Gambler6 Jul 19, 10:48 PM

Dark pool?! Now I've got even more learning to do!

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