@Runangel20 just became a fully transparent trader today! Very excited to further my journey as being a day trader!! 😁

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Gambler6 Jul 13, 20 12:39 AM

Welcome to one of the best communities of people and the start of a fulfilling journey!

Runangel20 Jul 19, 20 6:36 PM

Thank you for your kind words my dear friend and lover. Excited for the journey ahead and growth as a day trader! Let grow and become amazing traders in our days to come.

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Runangel20 Aug 17, 20 1:28 AM

This will be a marvelous journey ahead of us my love. We will have to practice patience and look for solid plays that come to us nit forcing or chasing plays! the timing is right for us to learn and thrive at a new part of our journeys! This a investment in a new lease on life for us both. My support you will have every day that passes! xoxo

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