Joe_Wall_Street May 21, 16 6:33 AM

I agree with the Trailing Stop-Order suggestion. I love that feature. It always saves my rear end.

stockBuddy May 21, 16 9:57 AM

I'll get my crap together next time, at least this stock has a good chance of spiking , I've noticed a lot of stocks do after being delisted

dbryant85 May 21, 16 7:55 PM

When did you buy it? If you bought it at open Friday you're really only protecting about 70 dollars. Every little bit counts but the best chance to make any real money was midday when it hit nearly 11 cents. You might be better off waiting to see if there's a morning pop to gain a little extra.

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Fox_Technicals Oct 27, 15 1:48 AM

Did you know YELP has earnings on Wednesday? Just a heads up!

GeorgiaDawgsSEC Oct 27, 15 1:50 AM

@FoxTechnicals Sure didnt....but good or bad earnings dont impact my entries....if it hits my entry target then it'll likely be due to good earnings. If its bad earnings, my entry will not trigger.

Fox_Technicals Oct 27, 15 1:53 AM

RJET does as well, hopefully it doesn't hit your target in the next trading day and you're holding through earnings though since most traders (Timothy Sykes included) believe you should never hold through earnings as it obviously tends to be volatile

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@TraderGang the real kphillipryan threatening me, that's his # btw

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foxhallfred Jul 17, 15 12:36 PM

I saved the complete conversation record from facebook.

GeorgiaDawgsSEC Oct 27, 15 1:35 AM

Kevin Phillip Ryan was basically a pumper all over Facebook. He and I got into it once and he blocked me after I called him a stock promoter.

GeorgiaDawgsSEC Mar 31, 16 1:12 AM

Also noticed that Kevin Phillip Ryan's website he quoted in your text messages is no longer active. LOL

GeorgiaDawgsSEC Jun 15, 16 12:32 AM

@foxhallfred Kevin Phillip Ryan has a long arrest record in Polk County FL too. One crime he was arrested for was theft.

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@PennyKing2014 Why did you delete your YGE trade?

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GoldenSpider Jul 04, 14 9:17 AM

Isn't it funny that all the trades "tim deletes" are YOUR LOSING trades! Face the music "penny king"

ToddP Jul 10, 14 10:45 AM

Sigh, when are they going to REQUIRE you to verify trades on here......

TraderGang Jul 16, 14 9:20 AM

This guy is a known fraud for several years now. he owes investors over $100,000 and kevin should be ready for his 6th mugshot, which won't be a petty theft charge as swindling money from investors and falsifying returns as well as breaking a contractual agreement with dozens of prospective clients is a serious offense. SEC and FBI have been warned of his actions.

GeorgiaDawgsSEC Jul 16, 14 10:28 PM

@tradergang Wow. I knew he was shady, but had no idea it was this bad. Perhaps that's why he fled California for FL?

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@PennyKing2014 deleting your failing trades and changing your entry prices in the name of your winning % is bad bad bad

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TraderGang Jul 16, 14 9:22 AM

Tim sykes called this guy a fraud. I need everyone to email tim in order to ban him from this transparent site

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