@PennyKing2014 Penny are you part of any chat groups?

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GeorgiaDawgsSEC Jun 20, 14 2:18 AM

He's been saying he's launching a site "very soon" for a year. DVDs too. But his DVDs will be basic in nature and omit his shady promotion habits

PennyKing2014 Jun 30, 14 10:00 AM

Lets talk about Tims shady promotional habits how about that

TraderGang Jul 16, 14 9:22 AM

he has no company, no product, and asks people to invest in his IPO. he will be on American Greed and has been notified. beware

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YGE is the stock to buy at $3.35 and sell over $5 in the next 14 trading days:)

GeorgiaDawgsSEC Jun 19, 14 6:58 AM

So go piss up a rope, and enjoy PLUGs next crash.

TraderGang Jul 16, 14 9:23 AM

Guy is a fraud and a fake. he is trash

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On the contrary @luke verifying your trades will NOT "compromise your broker", Profitly taps into the reporting side, we NEVER get broker account credentials, that's just a BS excuse to hide your real trades as there's no way you win that much, but it's not surprising when your bosses are all penny stock promoters

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GeorgiaDawgsSEC Aug 26, 14 10:36 PM

@Miz and why do you feel the need to defend Luke after this conversation ended months ago, even more so than Luke himself? I suspect you are Luke, and have been planning these ambush posts for months lol

LexLevi Oct 05, 14 10:53 AM

jp morgan just got hacked

igorpaliy Apr 02, 15 8:52 PM

just passing through..

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