@MichaelGoode ... Great article on your webpage. Just to inform and update you. I'm currently a Tradestation and Interactive Broker client. The Tradestation platform have a "Short Locate" function, which search for HB securities. About 20-30% of the times when IB does not offer shortable securities I can find them at Tradestation. It takes around 30 sec up to 15 min (80% of times I get an answer within 2 min) to get the answer from a "locate request" - using their inbuild platform locate tool.... Thank you for all your great work (I have recentley bought the (How to read SEC filings) I really like your in depth academic style YOU ARE THE MAN!

MichaelGoode Apr 09, 18 10:33 AM

Thank you very much for letting me know. I will update that blog post with this info

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