Received 8 Karmas
HIMMENY Aug 01, 11:12 PM

@Gambler6 Thank you, good job! hoping for continued success for you as well

HIMMENY Aug 01, 11:14 PM

@Parallax278kAU Thanks! happy to help out, keep working hard, see you in the next monthly webby!

jetranger Aug 14, 2:22 PM

I'm in Challenge for one year next month............I'm not doing that well either but I want it to much to quit!! I'm scraping together the funds to get LifeTime membership........I'm 60 years old and to damn old to quit..........!! Good luck to you!

HIMMENY Sep 07, 9:57 AM

@jetranger Awesome! keep working hard, good luck to you as well, never quit! :) thanks!

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