[TimChallenge] 12.3k on $Etcg from the g/r short +bounce play. Back to sitting on hands.

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[TimChallenge] Sub penny Otcs still a very hot price range. A lot of my success on those revolves around finding the right daily chart, and focusing on tight consolidation holding near highs into the afternoon session.

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[TimChallenge] +$5700 between $Rkt oegd , $Nlst mdb , $Wsgf mwb. Done for the morning

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[TimChallenge] +9kish for the morning action. Will come back later in the day to see if anything's setting up for a decent end of day run / weekend hold. Good luck!

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[TimChallenge] Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children.

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[TimChallenge] All out Tsnp on the lower high - after the hardest sell off we've seen, after some sped up price action... Risked a penny , made 13 with best of sells. Capitalizing on that kind of risk reward is what will keep you consistently profitable.

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Good evening ladies and gents it's 6.15pm here in Sydney, Australia. I have been following Sykes' teachings since 2017 and have only been trading the Australian markets @Huddie :D Up until 12th December 2020, I finally placed my first ever trade and since then have taken 6 more trades. My margined account was funded with just $2,500 of my capital on 10th December 2020 however I also place ASX trades with it. Managed to get the account at +$6,186 at it's highest but took some losses last few days from a margin call now sitting at $5,103 available capital. I've attached a picture below to outline with time stamps (UTC+11) and will individually post up my trades @tessalamping. Not sure if they will be verified as my Broker account isn't listed on @profitly but this is a legit screenshot and would love to get them verified is possible @timothysykes

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TessaLamping Dec 28, 20 8:53 PM

that is so awesome! congratulations! just keep locking in those profits and waiting for the best setups! wya to go!

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rubenfavela May 25, 20 2:54 PM

Thanks Huddie. Dillution + Bag holder = great environment for shorting at resistance.

Buckers Jun 06, 20 8:37 PM

Makes me feel feel soooo out of my depth "The more I know the less I understand" (changing man Paul Weller) thanks Huddie, great grounding for me...

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Crazey_Canuck Apr 03, 7:22 PM

Awesome Huddie watched again, if you are having trouble with Level 2 watch this a couple of times. Thank you so much Peace out

millerruth23 Aug 14, 4:37 PM

Just re-watched, great Lvl 2 action to learn from

26R_COLE Oct 12, 6:15 PM

Thank you for the video lesson Huddie. Awesome live trading example and talk through

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