Hi @Huddie, sorry for bothering you again, you have been somewhat of a silent mentor to me over the last year. I just have a question that has been tinkering for a while. When you are playing OE gap downs and shorting into daily res, do you always look into the filings with each play? Also if there is no active financing being done etc do you play it smaller or would you just go in with size if there is a perfect chart? I have been having moderate success with OE gap downs etc but from my data tracking they go r/g 42% of the time in 2018 which leads me to believe I should be looking to the filings for more conviction but would love your thoughts on the matter?

Huddie Aug 17, 18 7:53 AM

My size is generally determined by dollar risk, liquidity, and ideal chart set-up. Financing does not come into play as much with an o/e gap down, as it would with say, a short into resistance. I might be prone to playing more of a patience route if there is an active financing.

leiting Aug 18, 18 11:29 PM

This is a great answer and will help a lot. Thanks Huddie, appreciate all you do to give back.

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RoyCreditor Aug 18, 18 1:17 PM

Can't wait to earn that privelege by become consistent

MBrandt Aug 22, 18 7:27 PM

Paulo, saw the list of AWX trades by Mint Broker. Why do they do it that way? What are they trying to accomplish? Really interesting. Thanks for posting.

ZachR Oct 14, 18 11:16 PM

Fantastic Thanks Huddie

Atiqe Oct 27, 18 3:52 PM

Great Proper Risk Management Strategy, noted down with details, 🙌@Huddie

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Hi @Huddie I had a quick question regarding risk management, When a said stock blows through your said risk on the chart, as I have experienced with some of these volatile plays lately, will you just smack the ask and try get out straight away bearing in mind that your fill will be higher or will you let it spike and get out into the next dip? Advice much apprecited, watching your videos have been instrumental in my overall profitibility, especially when you emphasised in focusing on the day that matters, that really hit home for me.

Huddie Jul 01, 18 8:28 AM

It’s really a case by case matter. Lower float stocks, you definitely want to get out as soon as risk is violated. Sometimes that means allowing for that wiggle room where you will lose a little more than expected. Most times there will be a dip, but at that point usually emotions are so screwed that you’d settle for that initial smack the ask price anyways.

Huddie Jul 01, 18 8:32 AM

Remember, the goal is to live to trade another day, not nail every play. No one trade is worth the potential blow up.

leiting Jul 02, 18 1:36 AM

That makes a lot of sense from a psychological standpoint, never thought of it like that so appreciate you pointing out the treatment depending on float and volatility. Thanks for the valuable knowledge, really appreciate it.

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Hey @Huddie! I feel like i'm verge of stopping paper trading and putting my money where my mouth is, what size account did you start with? Any advice for someone just starting out?

Huddie Jun 10, 18 4:09 AM

Ya, in the beginning - expect to lose more often than win. Profits and losses will be random until you can identify the patterns, so whatever you do put in, think of it as a sunken cost. Executing YOUR trade plans to perfection, whether a loss or a gain, is a very important habit to build. Whether its 100 shares of a stock, or 1,000, its the same trade.

brionleb Jun 13, 18 8:41 AM

Hey thanks for the advice! I'm trying to get a plan and strategy together to take my trading to the next level!

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Hey @Huddie , I just want to thank you for all that you do for the chat room as well as out of the chat room. I re watch your video lessons everyday as they provide such a great explanation of the patterns I look for everyday, and really give a better example of what to look for price action wise. I also read all of your commentary in the chat room EVERYDAY, as in the moment examples is where I learn best. I just wanted to make sure you knew how much you're appreciated. Thanks again sir.

Huddie Jun 07, 18 5:53 PM

You're very welcome!

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Watched Graduating College while making 20k a week Detailing the 5 trades that added up to +$20k in profits in just under a week. via @huddie https://profit.ly/user/Huddie/videolesson/graduating-college-while-making-20k-a-week

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andrusa1392 Jun 01, 18 12:28 PM

HI Huddie I'm Tim student, could you please give me an advise ,if you'll have to start all over again what w'd be your TOP DVD or webinar to start with? thanks for your time

Huddie Jun 07, 18 5:57 PM

I would go about it more methodically. Instead of trying to take in everything all at once, I'd target a specific set-up, learn it well, and then move on to the next. Keep it simple, don't overwhelm yourself.

matt100ms Aug 11, 18 12:08 AM

That's great advice for me as well. I've way hhed 99% of the dvds and 3600 video lessons. When I finish im going to focus on a specific set up.. thanx

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