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RC0002653 Oct 18, 17 3:55 PM

Also, what do I if I'm stuck in a stock, meaning I brought it when I thought it would keep rising, but it crashed and I didn't cut losses I still hold the stock with big negative numbers. I don't want to lose so I won't sell, or should I?

ITswilson8 Oct 18, 17 4:59 PM

@RC0002653 yep, HMNY, TRXC are good examples of those, but for those I like to play the 2nd day and not the first. The first is a gamble unless the chart is REALLY smooth. OPTT was really smooth

RC0002653 Oct 18, 17 6:00 PM

How do you choose which stocks to play? Or do you just choose any with a good bounce pattern?

ITswilson8 Oct 18, 17 6:18 PM

@RC0002653 Nah, i do a ton of research premarket and after trading hours. I usually don't trade most hyped out call outs..i have my own strategy that works..stick with a plan that works for you! I don't always day trade either. I do a lot of swings and hold longer positions like 2-4 days

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