kobayashimaru May 11, 19 2:38 PM

Yes we are lone wolfs unless you are in a trading room with other traders we trade in solitary

mobrocker May 11, 19 8:04 PM

Yes, trading from home is an isolated profession where emotions of being alone play a major part. But this doesn't mean you are alone. You can see through chat rooms that there are many traders who sailing in the same boat.

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IceMan14 Apr 17, 18 7:59 AM

With ECYT you bought the first green candle to make a new high but not the true breakout. Or just buy when its proven to hold support not when it reached it.

Pandabear Apr 17, 18 11:06 AM

@IceMan14 it wasn't the true breakout but 10.30 was still a resistance break pm. It was still a 2.5:1 r/r but I wanted more. The true breakout was 10.40 which should've the first breakout at the open not 10.20 which was too much of a drop.

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@IceMan14 Hi man. They v'been charging me around £24 commissions (2tickets/£12each)thats like $30 both ways +the fills are pretty slow, but hey they maybe changed (i doubt, unless they experiment with options now). also the software was pretty expensive then. now been with suretrader for some time and they even lowered my commission to $3.80 2tickets 1.90 each way, so I'm literally not going back to TD-UK now

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SKYisDLimit Mar 02, 18 2:10 PM

like the info, i have to do a better job reading the charts, any suggestions?

Turbobob Mar 05, 18 12:35 PM

Sorry, I was away last week. But too thin for me to trade

Turbobob Mar 05, 18 12:36 PM

I generally find shorts by just looking at a lot of charts.... Also stocks making new lows.

Turbobob Mar 05, 18 12:37 PM

I post lots of ideas on twitter on chart reading. @turbobob129

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