$225 profit IBIO Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative dip buy on this big spiker/short squeeze, it ran fast once today, lets see if it can double bottom and run again, goal is the 1.60s or 1.70s, nothing huge

Exit comments: The overall market is coming back, but this one is bouncing weakly so I'm out for small profits, looks lie the shorts are back in control so it can drop again to the 1.40s, I won't risk it, small gains are fine when a play doesn't do EXACTLY what you want

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tupuad Feb 17, 23 10:40 AM

Thanks Tim, good work!

Inakiurab Feb 18, 23 9:15 AM

Spiker dipbuy on a NYSE

User_1610 Feb 25, 23 1:00 PM

Watching And Analyzing!

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-$74 loss AMIH Long Stock

Entry comments: Trying a small dip buy on this recent multiday runner,. its proven it can bounce back fast, lots of support in the low .01s, goal is t make 5-15%, cut losses quickly if no bounce...similar play GTII has already bounced big, I missed my fill there

Exit comments: No bounce, markets in freefall, rule #1 cut losses quickly, remember http://tim.ly/clq and be safe

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donlyng Feb 10, 23 11:01 AM

Proving rule #1 is why it's #1!

Inakiurab Feb 11, 23 12:35 PM

@donlyng Rule #1 is IF price goes 0.00001 against your entry just exit manully. Thats why we have to master entry prices

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$735 profit PACV Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this big runner from yesterday on a morning panic, classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern, goal is to sell in the .07s or .08s

Exit comments: Out for small gains into this little bounce...there was a chance it could keep running like it did yesterday, but the ugly market makes me more conservative so I'll exit for small but still decent profits...potential re-buy into any followup intraday panics, for this play and others too

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tupuad May 19, 22 10:09 AM

Thanks Tim.

Inakiurab May 20, 22 7:23 AM

The key was that 1M Candle that had 668K of buyers volume at 9:32?

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