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johnsavage Mar 16, 5:58 PM

Hey Jackaroo! I enjoyed watching the post particularly you being another challenge student and seeing what you've learned, thanks

Windwalzer Apr 23, 12:49 AM

Thank you Jackaroo. This is a very helpful video. It makes sense to find which patterns work best and what style of trading is working consistently for yourself. We are all individuals and we have to find our strengths and weaknesses. This was perfect timing..

bspry15 May 20, 12:44 AM

This is one of the best videos on the whole site.

Buckers May 20, 6:56 PM

Thanks Jack, loving your explanations, still looking for my niche but this is solid info

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JRF Jul 19, 19 7:56 PM

Thanks for the video.

MichaelPuett Oct 02, 19 11:53 PM

That sting of losses chart is really interesting... I cant help but critique, its in my blood...a few thoughts - 1. might be better to look at the median. If you were to take 5 trades, 1 is a 300% winner and 4 others are 5% winners the average is 64% gain. Is that more telling or is the median more telling? I ague for median. 2. average gain can be lower than average loss and you can still be profitable - depends on position size. 3. I guess profit factor is one of the most telling traits of 'le

kylecw2 Oct 19, 19 3:58 PM

@MichaelPuett I agree the median is useful in that sense. In the part 2 version of this video I talk about finding outliers like a 300% winner in your example. So all a matter of preference, I'd rather use average percent and then take note the outliers if I see any. For #2 if you mean average PERCENT gain being smaller because of position size then yea that is true but in if you mean just dollar gain smaller than dollar loss that doesn't seem possible considering the size of your gain or loss i

kylecw2 Oct 19, 19 4:00 PM

is correlated to the position size you take.

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