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Paco3165 Aug 11, 9:08 AM

Hey Joe, very good video

Paco3165 Aug 11, 9:10 AM

Just wondering about KBSF were you talking about fridays chart? I didn’t see a first red candle on the Friday chart... got a little confused . Can u explain what you mwanna ant about KBSF and its first ten minute red candle? I don’t see that for Friday. Thanks an advance

JKelly Aug 11, 11:20 AM

@Paco3165 Well you need to be looking at the right day. Look at 8/9/18, the day of the big gap up.

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asfricksrs Aug 01, 10:05 PM

Thanks Joe, good to see you and the pursued edge. For now I can only handle CVC and price action!

JKelly Aug 08, 4:12 PM

@asfricksrs CVC? and if you dont slow down to build a real system with an edge, you'll never reach your max potential. the numbers will tell you anything you want to know if you beat them enough. Dont take the path of least resistance. challenge yourself. be better than the rest!

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