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JLLOYD30 Feb 11, 16 5:14 PM

@VladGershun Even if it's not many shares you would still come out good because $PBR was priced between $50-80 during the past years and also in one month a year ago it went to $10. Oil prices are really the only thing holding it back from recovering and the Brazilian government can still increase the prices at the pump to increase flow.

lemondoo Feb 11, 16 8:36 PM

@JLLOYD You have to realize some oil companies never recovery from a downturn. I think $PBR falls under this case.

JLLOYD30 Feb 11, 16 9:08 PM

@LemonDoo QUEEEEEEEEE?!?!? Petrobras has been through corruption and scandal before and has always been corrupt. Even lived through a dictatorship. And it still hit $80 a share. Are you saying we will wake up one and Brazil will be a US territory are you mad man?

Wakko Feb 11, 16 9:42 PM

@JLLOYD You speak as you live in brazilian, or as you are a brazilian, and a brazilian that believes in the government...anyway, I told before: long time investment, small position or big position, you should be fine.

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