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eatsleepprofit Aug 30, 16 10:25 AM

First tip I can give you is start paper trading, or simulated trading. Get a good feel for your brokers platform and at the same time develop your strategy to your needs and what you're comfortable with. When you start trading don't focus more on profits but rather the consistency and planning of trades. The money is a direct product of your knowledge, preparation and strategy so when you work on those first everything will fall into place.

James_W Aug 30, 16 8:11 PM

That's very solid advice, thanks! Honestly didn't expect anyone to read this. I'd appreciate any recommendations for simulated trading.

eatsleepprofit Aug 30, 16 8:45 PM

I use ThinkOrSwim and they have an awesome paper trading platform. Gives you scanners, tons of metrics to prepare and plan trades

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