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Jaykian720 Jun 13, 4:54 PM

Solid research, but wouldn't it be quicker, safer, and easier to simply short on the morning of earnings? Rather than try and catch the bottom, which can be tough

cwood Jun 13, 5:42 PM

@Jaykian720 Excellent observation. These are just 2 ideas for earnings strategies, I have something around 10 earnings strats running in my auto-trading platform every day.

Jaykian720 Jun 13, 6:44 PM

Low key sarcasm! Cool - what algo plstoform do you use?

cwood Jun 13, 11:24 PM

@Jaykian720 Haha I was actually being serious, I'm not used to interacting with traders who have solid critical thinking skills :) I'm using trade-ideas, it's expensive but worth it

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