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JeepTrader Jul 03, 9:00 AM

The Alexander quote is great. One we could all learn from. It's tough to get past it.

Madbash Jul 07, 10:45 AM

@JeepTrader I feel like it is impossible to fully control your emotions, but you can observe them and learn to act on your plan before your "feelings" get involved. We are all happy when we win, and sad when we lose, but if you keep your risk in check you will avoid the most painful of plays. Be mindful of greed and fear, that is the true objective.

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Ecord44 Jul 02, 12:29 AM

Awesome! Jumping in is the first step. I would definitely suggest Pennystocking Framework for a very straight forward study. But tim sykes trader checklist part 12 video is also the basics.

mcs432tx Jul 02, 7:54 AM

I am starting the framework dvd today. By the time my challenge starts I want to have that and the how to be a millionaire dvd done. Im fucking stoked to jump in!!

JeepTrader Jul 02, 1:44 PM

Welcome! I am not a challenge student (yet) though am learning lots. Best of luck to you!

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Chance_Stearns Jun 21, 1:03 PM

Thanks guys! I shouldn't have sold though lol I watched it too much and started overthinking but I wouldn't be suprised if it broke out above 8 sometime soon but I really don't know lol

alan316 Jun 21, 11:00 PM

i see green coming. in your future. doing great bud! keep it up. . you da man!

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