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CATALYST: top % gainer; multi-month b/o. CONCERNS: speculative, not an earnings/contract winner; reverse split not approved on SEC 8-K, seems to be pumping to $1.00 to avoid delisting. THESIS: let chart prove itself, enter/exit safely for 20% gain. LESSON: BEST WIN TO DATE! Sold 2500 shares intraday at 0.248 to lock-in profits. Held 3000 o/n and sold p/m at 0.311. $423 profits taking a big chunk outta the $697 deficit on my profit chart. On my way to a personal red/green move! :-D

Posted: Jun 22, 6:32 AM// 1

Catalyst: Top % gainer (33%), multi-day b/o, new product launch, low float, presenting at MicroCap Conf. Concerns: 3rd green day: still got legs? Thesis: o/n hold, lock-in profits p/m. Re-buy morning dip for midday spike if it plays out like the last 2 days. Lesson: DIDN'T FOLLOW PLAN! Got greedy p/m, didn't lock-in 10% ($106). PANICKED when crashed AS PREDICTED. Sold before bounce AS PREDICTED. Eventually ran to 21.94, woulda been $153 PROFIT....instead, I "earned" a $76 LOSS. LEARN or BURN!

Posted: Jun 21, 10:19 PM/

Catalyst: multi-year b/o; 1st green day; strong afternoon bounce through resistance. Concerns: fluff PR; float a little high (81M). Thesis: o/n hold into p/m or morning spike; goal = 10-20% gain using 1.80 as support. Lesson #1: price action bad from the start. Cut losses quickly on first entry, but jumped back in an hour later off a failed bounce. Lesson #2: ADAPT! Take the 5% p/m gains...don't wait for opening bell. Lesson #3: DON'T FOLLOW MARK CROOCK (OR ANYONE ELSE) INTO A TRADE!!!

Posted: Jun 19, 6:03 AM/

Catalyst: TimAlert. Earnings winner, low float. 1st green day. Thesis: o/n hold, sell into strength p/m or morning spike. Lesson: Stubborn @ss bag holder! What part of "CUT LOSSES QUICKLY" do I not understand?! PRE-WRITTEN plan to exit at 5.72 if price action went sour, but didn't exit until 5.52. LEARN OR BURN! (AND QUIT FOLLOWING SYKES - OR ANYONE ELSE - INTO TRADES!!!!!!)

Posted: Jun 19, 6:08 AM/

Bad (revenge) trade: only entered because took o/n loss on CAMT. Tried to make it back w/LINU. Two wrongs DO NOT make a right!!! Lesson: Stay disciplined. Stick to the rules. Control my emotions. Bounce back ONE GREEN DAY AT A TIME! Hit for singles, don't swing for homers. I'm gonna string together a green week and month soon, THIS I CAN PROMISE!!

Posted: Jun 19, 5:55 AM/

Catalyst: top % gainer, multi-day b/o, float 9.5M, m.cap 39.7M. Thesis: morning dip buy, 5-10 gain goal. Entry: safe entry at VWAP. Exit: safe exit at 9% gain. Ran up a little more, but took meat of move. My best executed trade - and profit - to date!

Posted: Jun 14, 8:53 AM/

Thesis: top % gainer (28%), earnings winner, multi-day b/o, strong close w/volume. Plan: hold over weekend, sell into strength Mon p/m or morning. Lesson: didn't cut losses quickly when price-action went against me. Shoulda been $37 loss instead of $65 loss if I followed MY WRITTEN PLAN. Bag-holding is a bad habit I need to stop ASAP!

Posted: Jun 13, 10:00 PM/

Catalyst: first green day (i.e., momentum reversal red/green); dip-buy off one-day chart. Thesis: NO CHASING. Dip buy or catch it early on morning spike. Entry: solid entry at 0.087. Exit: very safe exit at 0.094. BEST EXECUTED TRADE TO DATE! Safe 8% gain, ran 20% plus eventually, but very happy with this trade. (Side note: now eligible for $4.95 trades w/E*Trade instead of $6.95)

Posted: Jun 12, 6:26 AM/

Two separate trades. 1st: in o/n $0.95, out $1.06. Got greedy, didn't lock-in profits as it ran up 25% twice. Limped out with 10% win. 2nd: in $1.42, out $1.25. Chased it after it spiked a/h. Didn't cut losses quick enough. Better entry would've been p/m off bounce at $1.30, exit p/m at $1.43 (ran up to $1.49). MISTAKES = LEARNING. LEARNING = WINNING.

Posted: Jun 09, 8:17 AM/

Catalyst: a/h report of $18M contract winner + multi-day b/o. Plan: o/n hold, sell morning spike. First time dealing with large market cap. Didn't realize they were low risk/low reward. Very slow price action. Exit safely, but took loss after commissions. DON'T TRADE LARGE CAPS!

Posted: Jun 07, 12:02 PM/

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