Rollingball Sep 08, 16 9:51 PM

Support and Resistance. Keep looking at the charts, eventually, something will click and you will get it. Keep telling yourself where you would buy and where you would sell if you did enter a position. You'll get there!

smillie327 Sep 08, 16 10:38 PM

Hard to answer...start with Dashboard...all Tim's basic what he suggests skipping nothing...have U seen many of his videos under "categories" on the Dashboard? Check Y Finance % gainers dailey...add to watchlist...look @ chart patterns, pick ur favorite & do DD on it on, analyze it according to Sykes' new Traders checklist (watch 11 hour free DVD), give it a score, use TD Ameritrade Think or Swim & paper trade it...keep record of how you do (very important to track your c

smillie327 Sep 08, 16 10:43 PM

consistancy), transparency will keep track for you if you verify real trades...never stop studying this is a marathon, not a takes commitment with constant refining. Good Luck.

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