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Tunde1306 Jun 01, 19 3:47 PM

Congrats on your journey and finding success. I love the part where you talked about the calm before the storm. I approach that the same way. I cal it a "tossup". When the stock isn't doing anything for ages it's like a tossup between are the shorts going to win or are the buyers, so I just get out. You're definitely learning all the right things! Taking profits quick is another part of my strategy I use that Tim teaches that really works. You seem to understand selling into strength, not waitin

Jkell777 Jun 01, 19 5:49 PM

Ya! Thats the only way I can honestly explain it! The longer you wait with you stock doing absolutely nothing the more scared I get. It's like, 5 minutes goes by and I start feeling a little uneasy. If 10 minutes goes by and there really hasn't been any change, that's when I'm like, "yup guys, good luck, I'm out!", because at that point it seems like the move is going to be huge, you just don't know which way. I don't like those odds haha.

Jkell777 Jun 01, 19 5:51 PM

Thanks for your comment by the way! Im just getting into real estate so I am wanting to start learning how to blog. So I figured, why not here? So thank you for the read and comment! Much appreciated!

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Today I decided to finally log my trades into profitly! March 15th 2019. I just started trading in July of 2018. I only started logging the month of March to current, so there is no posted trades before March.

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