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SanketJ Apr 19, 17 5:55 AM

@DJ1978 Hey! Thank you so much! I've dropped you a quick message! Appreciate your help and support

JordMcKeown Apr 19, 17 6:06 AM

@SanketJ im not too sure on the minimum but i opened an account about a year or 2 ago with only $1500 and it was quite easy from what i remember

DeDave32 Apr 19, 17 8:22 AM

I,m from Ireland, I,m having trouble getting my ITIN. Ameritrade (think or swim) is the way to go. No doubt. $2000 minimum. its worth it to save up the doubh, excellent platform

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[TimAlerts] cant wait to get my funds sorted out hate just watching espiecally when i cant get in my platform and i miss a trade like KBIO because of it


[TimAlerts] havent seen it mentioned in here just had a quick look through but SPHS has earnings tomorrow according to finviz


[TimAlerts] If it wasn't strong enough to play your own alert not many other would too $SNTA I probably wouldn't of played it if i wasn't in meeting all day there much better options yesterday

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