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Joshua_196 Aug 01, 17 8:27 PM

You mentioned some "guru" alerted a buy and sell on HUSA today. How do you find out about these "guru" alerts??

Lx888 Aug 01, 17 11:48 PM

Funny, the guru and all the chaser!:) I wish students would watch and listen very closely, you give away glues. Tim Sykes, said "study the pass video lesson".

BullishBearishTrader May 12, 18 4:29 PM

So the lesson here is Never follow a guru, if anything short against it, specially in this case that there is ATM and you're already thinking short, So that surge of volume from guru alert is a great short entry

Willbee_Rich Jul 01, 18 11:45 AM

Even the best can have trouble sometimes. Nice of you to show your not as good ones too. Thanks Tim.

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@MichaelGoode What scanner do you use? I'm checking into Trade Ideas, Stocks to Trade and Equity Feed. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

MichaelGoode Jun 22, 17 3:49 PM

I'm always in Timalerts and chat and on Twitter. I don't actively watch any other chatrooms

Joshua_196 Jun 22, 17 3:57 PM

Thank you! Your equity curve very consistently up with smaller trades, which is awesome! I see Tim Grittani and Dux taking much larger positions. I'm curious why you haven't elected to scale up, as some of them had.

MichaelGoode Jun 23, 17 8:54 AM

Simply put, I don't have the risk tolerance that those two do and am also a good chunk of my profits come from less liquid stocks which I cannot easily trade with much larger size

Joshua_196 Jun 23, 17 12:47 PM

Sounds good! I'm also learning that one has to do what one is comfortable with, and sounds like you're doing just that! Keep up the consistent trading! You've been an inspiration to me!

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