Received 2 Karmas
Rhohina May 26, 3:47 PM

@sarimanap Hi sarimanap, same here just finished new rules for penny stocking.. That was long but very helpful. And yeah, we have low census right now so getting called off. I'm ok with it since I need a break anyway.

Jpsmith1219 Aug 04, 12:02 PM

Hi!!! So I had my interview today, I really want to join the challenge and I have 2 hours to make a decision. Did you 2 made a decision right away? I'm curious to know. Any advice?

Rhohina Aug 07, 10:30 AM

@Jpsmith1219 Sorry, I just saw this.. I decided right there and then. I have watched a lot of Tim Sykes video though prior to my application and interview.

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