-$75 loss MIRM Long Stock

Entry comments: Small position for potential end of the day short squeeze on the biggest % gainer there is, off its day highs in the 22s, ultimate breakout point is 18 but this moves fast so I wanna be in ahead of time as it might fail at 18ish too

Exit comments: Failed breakout attempt, now cracking, small losses are okay worth a shot, potential rebuy later today or better yet tomorrow morning into any big dip

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Hey I noticed that last year you was losing on most your trades, took a break, came back this year and now your killing it! What did you do differently this time around?

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@neil_griffiths just became a fully transparent trader today!

Griff May 19, 5:54 PM

Then big boys court in London followed by a narrow escape and move to America to start afresh.

Griff May 19, 5:55 PM

Now a lovely home, terrific business that operates in the UK and USA. A superb and strong wife, 2 great kids and his trading malarkey as a retirement hobby/plan. Got to learn it all now so I have something to do when I'm 55

MBrandt May 20, 6:01 PM

The end? Man that's just the trailer! You can't leave us hanging like that! You see, I had a felling you had a heck of a backstory. Man, when you get a block of time or just bit by bit, expand on your story for us!

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