Ok guys i'm issuing out an alert for those who don't know about a broker named Nonko Trading Complete scam and i'm happy i didn't open an account here! I have heard about them and the ridiculous 20-1 buying power to suck newbie traders in to open a account. I asked a couple of gurus only to find out Investorlive has already wrote a blog on them a week ago. I was NEVER a fan of offshore prop firm brokers for this reason. What is going on is that newbies are opening up accounts say $2,000 thinking they will get a buying power of $40,000 to play with only to find out that they are getting a practice account instead and nonko pocketing your $$$$ hoping you WILL LOSE your initial $2,000 anyways. Here is the blog Nate wrote as he has did a bit more digging about them. Stick to USA based brokers IMO. Good luck and be safe out there. Nate Blog on Nonko Trading Scam here.

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tradehigh Dec 04, 14 9:39 PM

Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it. Hopefully those of us who can get away from off shore brokers will be able to do so sooner than later.

LookToLeft Dec 04, 14 9:52 PM

Thanks Kev. I was actually considering them, but have used Suretrader in the past and had no issues.

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