Decided to create a folder called "FRIDAY SHORT SQUEEZE SCHEMING" I'm just going to track charts I think lead into a Friday short squeeze scheme and why I feel that way. On this one I wrote : I notice that this chart was choppy thru out the week, but in a specific range after the initial spike. Once Friday came, as we know from GURU YODA those Fridays are special!! Shorts don’t like to hold their shorts over the weekend. On Friday this chart chopped but stayed above $4. It kept having lil pops and bouncing off them early $4s. As soon as it hit one leg up toward the close, the short squeeze began into the close. One leg up meaning the first higher low from the past 2hrs. In this chart example we see the squeeze into the close. - Just a thought just incase ya can fucks wit it in your own way #NODAYSOFF #CLQSniperSquad WE MOBBIN!!

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