Basically I'm not doing this shit one by one. I took the TG I started with $2300 1/2018 to found my way around the market, because I didn't know shit but didn't want to paper trade. I slowly leaked $1300 in the year 2018. I told myself 2019 I will become a challenge student. I started to follow GuruYoda 10/2017 came across him 2014 thought he was full of shit and I was wrong not stupid just wrong. This is the story and these are the trades in pic form. On my study shit for now March I'm back at executing trades. #NewbieGangGang #ChallengeClassOf2019 #CLQSniperSquad WE MOBBIN!! Follow me on Twitter I'm private cause I only want to deal with this community follow and I will follow back @SaliniKing

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