DARE last year and how it got me. Made me look back at my spreadsheet I knew I remembered this shit funny but it also felt good to see how you grow and learn in the journey...but wild funny what I said on the notes ---> DARE 2/12/2018 -2/16/2018 70shrs $ 2.78 $ 1.39 SHORT $ 7.01 $ 104.31 (Exp & Less) High % gainer wit bullshit news. I saw a play that wasn't there cause I wanted action. NO PLAN!! Was trying to put together plans while in the trade.Didn't cut losses quickly. Even turned it into a swing trade on hope and that is not a strategy. Writing this on 2/18/18 cause I didn't want to face what I had to write. Pattience lil grass hopper patience!!

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