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lombardo141 Jul 18, 17 12:01 PM

Your analyis of yourself is great. And the fact that you have found your edge is great. Short sellers are not the norm in the trading world and going long is how most traders including myself do. I have tried my hands on shorting and its not just a natural feeling for me. But for you it seems like you are a natural.

lombardo141 Jul 18, 17 12:03 PM

Just be careful because you do not know which ticker will be a black swan so try and only short on first red days etcs. Because if i buy a 1000 shares i only lose the value over time unlike you who could lose everything in an instant. High risk High reward. Good luck

fittrader101 Jul 18, 17 1:35 PM

inspirational I would say! And absolute great reflection/progression in your trading career ;) Nice to read this

redneck50pig Jul 18, 17 5:57 PM

can see where you are going w/ this. Im still a green horn at day trading; getting better by the day. I got roached a few times this year on what I thought were perfect long plays. MTBC was one. I entered long mid-June @ $1.99 after several bangs of positive news. It tanked immediately. My mistake was I entered off of just news & not price action. Still, this can be a weird market, & shorting for sure has its place.

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