Today I was long on POTN yesterday. Exited with a loss of $33 I was up but over night I lost my profit. Then I was just following POTN. Then there was a perfect dip selling. It work but took forever to hit my target so I exited with $3.71 in profit. It was $21 dollar but with slippage I ended with $3.71.I held ATOS for a over Night. I was already up $60 yesterday. But held it over night. It seemed like bullish today around 10:30 am it started dropping like a brick. I tried to exit but with slippage I walked away with around $3 Profit Right I about about to get in to a trade RVLT. There was a insider buying CEO bought 850000 shares and CFO bought 150000 shares but @3.60 discounted price. Stock is trading at $4.19. I am willing to hold this for may be a week lets see

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