Kody Sep 14, 18 11:39 PM

track set up/pattern you like, build criteria around that and only take the trade if the criteria is met.

nfuniciello Sep 16, 18 11:59 PM

I would focus on finding 1 or 2 strategies that you like and ONLY focus on them. That is what I did when I was struggling for a while and my profits and confidence improved alot. I am still new to the game, but doing something as simple as looking at less will help you more right now. For example I cut down my setups to morning panic dip buys and 1st green days on OTC stocks and tracking the setups. It is making more profitable and consistent. Then once you master the few setups you can expand m

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Kody May 27, 18 5:56 AM

Kinda hard to fully understand your question but you should go into every trade with what your goals are (where you will take profit) and how much you’re going to risk (how much you allow the stock to go against you) before selling for a loss

NOOB3275 May 28, 18 5:10 AM

I think Tim doesnt like price stop for exit to cut lose or take profit. I will try to do like him

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