i missed the last 1/2 hour of market hour and the dip buy opportunity on IMTE at $22 made itself available. its already gapping up to 24.50 after hours. it will probably gap up close to $30 premarket tomorrow morning.

KenKwan May 03, 18 7:26 AM

I did, sir! I had a tiny position thought, only 40 shares -- just bailed at $30.

LegalPimp May 03, 18 7:29 AM

i just sold my remaining shares at $32!!!!!! didn't have the patience to wait till market open........congrats!!!!! A+ set up works again!!!!!!!!!

LegalPimp May 03, 18 7:31 AM

even with 40 shares you made some nice gains!!!!! awesome work!!!! so happy you took advantage

KenKwan May 03, 18 7:31 AM

hahaha, nice!! amazing setup. props to you in chatroom *bows*

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