Pandabear Jun 28, 17 11:56 AM

@Skiwi Yes because it's a high-priced stock. I don't look at percentage wins. I go for 20c-50c range. If I had bought 1000 shares on this stock it would've been $200. So it's all relative.

Pandabear Jun 28, 17 11:58 AM

@Skiwi And someone with a large account that takes 4000 shares would win $800. And that's a 1% win

Lincoln_Hawk Jul 01, 17 11:19 AM

@Skiwi I rarely post here any more, but saw your comment and laughed. I suggest you search YouTube for "Lessons From A $10+ Million Penny Stock Trader", go to 1:01:00 in the video, Act like a Pro, and learn that an average profit of 1.4% per trade is not uncommon. Sometimes you take what the market and your emotions allow you.

Pandabear Jul 01, 17 2:21 PM

@Lincoln_Hawk @Skiwi Yeah that's why I don't look at percentages. The stock I bought I only held for 2 mins. If I held it for 4 more mins it would've made 40c/share which is really good. Sometimes it doesn't matter what the % win is on these high-priced stocks as they stocks b/c if they're volatile you can make just as much much money as a penny stock.

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