Lucid Sep 03, 15 1:44 PM

wow thats a nice break. yeah *trying* to save money, I sure as hell am not spending anything but I'm not making a whole lot either haha

Lucid Sep 03, 15 1:45 PM

have a good time at work bro

ozytodd Sep 03, 15 5:17 PM

lost $34 last night hahahah just haven't seen anything worthwhile trading,i fly out monday,so tonight will be last trade for next 2 weeks ,i get 1 day off after that then back up again,its a slow process but I'm gunna succeed at this ,just won't happen overnight,in my last 11 trades on Forex 8 have been successful,I'm starting to understand the "Wait for the right pattern and set up before trading" advice from Tim,i apply it to my forex account as well and its been working. Did you get work ? yo

Lucid Sep 06, 15 3:11 PM

thats awesome man. yeah I got online work and local work. its working out pretty good for the time being, I should be back in no time

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