Received 3 Karmas
Chopper_Trader Aug 06, 17 11:01 PM

Now I'm confused, MIN7 posted this watchlist, but you are answering for him LOL and your answers are on point. who's pick was this ?

Clean_Supreme Aug 06, 17 11:01 PM

His pick! I just have done a lot off DD on this ticker. and traded it in the past few weeks

Chopper_Trader Aug 06, 17 11:04 PM

Oh Ok. I'm liking it as a trade, but when I saw the 10-Q/A I would not hold overnight.I put it on my watchlist to check it out. Thank you for all your info. I've watched to many hours of Tim's lessons today my brain is shot.

Chopper_Trader Aug 07, 17 3:13 AM

WoW great Job Tim has this stock on his watchlist, Awesome.

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