**PAPER TRADE** Purchased 7-Day Trail to STT. On Day 1, learning all the features before I start trading. Went to the achieves (like Tim Bohen says) to get scanners and to remind me of certain strategies (dip n rip, morning panic, VWAP hold). Run it over and over again to where it becomes 2nd nature. Also, my first time documenting/journaling my trades to get use to having a trading journal. I'm fully committing to the process. Thank you for joining me on my journey to become a GREAT DAY TRADER!!!!! $WORX Entry @: 2.08 Exit@: 2.05 Shares: 100 Looking for a late VWAP Hold. Saw a support level @ 2.03. Figure it would consolidate and breakout for the remainder of the day. Broke to 2.16 then went down. Did not make money on move but cut losses quickly to analyze my play. See if my timing was off, or that it didn't hold the weight I thought it would.

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