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kdizzle Jun 19, 17 5:32 PM

Makes complete sense now! I am long overnight on this but I am wary at what seems to be a wall of sellers at .10.

Steadly Jun 19, 17 6:00 PM

just to fill in on the real answer, there was a shareholders meeting on last Friday, the event was originally scheduled for the 12th, it was postponed to allow more people to vote on the reverse split, which did not pass. The news coming out (verbally) of the meeting included a better than anticipated profit, as well as positive tests on products supposedly coming out in q3/q4

MattNow Jun 19, 17 10:44 PM

the horns are screwing the bears lol, im not saying its bearish the photo is from a scene in super troopers where a guy looks to be screwing a bear

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