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Jerrito Feb 25, 22 9:24 AM

excellent video

amandas Apr 23, 22 8:05 PM

Thanks Tim 2nd watching..

aaronmizellam Jun 10, 22 11:17 AM

Rules are Nothing Without Discipline!! Strive for Perfection but Don't Expect It! Don't Let Potential Reward Blind You! Do NOT Add Outside Your Risk!! Think for Yourself, Self Sufficiency is key!! Thanks Tim G!

brandonkoy Dec 14, 22 1:31 AM

I am gaining confidence hearing Tim say he went through making the exact same mistakes I am making right now. Getting scared or "bored" out of a trade before it ever breaks my risk level and watching the move happen without me. I will give my plans the chance to work and not get caught up in other emotional factors. "I MAY NOT BE THERE YET BUT IM CLOSER THAN I WAS YESTERDAY"

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