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Perez351 May 22, 7:42 PM

Holy spit man, you played that stock to perfection, i loved your buy ins at the dips, exited right on bullseye, how long you been doing this?

Meeshka_Z123 May 26, 5:55 PM

Hey thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! I've been trading for 4 years so far, but have only been successful the past 2! How long have you been trading for?

Perez351 May 27, 8:35 AM

active three times in two years, i do well at first but i break my rules and lose hard i cant quit, do you use the oracle alert system? if so is it wort it? please let me know, thanks good luck today

Meeshka_Z123 May 27, 8:42 AM

Nice! And yeah I know the feeling, my biggest losses that I ever had came from when I didnt respect the rules, took me a while to gain that self control too. And no I don't use oracle but I dont doubt that it's decent

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