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koolboy160 Mar 11, 17 9:49 PM

You can use 9 EMA on the 1 minute chart. Once it breaks the 9 EMA on the 1 minute chart it means the trend has changed get out.

MetalHat Mar 12, 17 6:56 AM

I fight with this too! Funny thing is I know what to do, just haven't been able to mentally force myself to listen yet... If your size is big enough, as soon as the stock rises to a price equal to the original distance to your risk stop, sell half position to lock in profits. Then set your stop to the original buy price so you are guaranteed to have made a profit. Now, let the second half of the position ride until it either breaks the 9EMA like @koolboy160 said OR the first 5min candle to make

MetalHat Mar 12, 17 6:59 AM

a new low after your original 1st half sell price OR it falls back to the original entry price and you stop out. This way you guarantee some profit and are mentally free to let the second half ride until actually stopped out for valid technical reasons.

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