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mikesomer Jan 17, 22 12:22 AM

good thread thanks guys

Rams46 Dec 20, 22 2:05 PM

Hello Michael, I have some detail questions on SEC filings. Can I email you those questions? Thanks, Albert

StefanSchwarz13 Dec 20, 22 2:54 PM

@Rams46 I'm not Michael, and I originated this thread. If you are trying to reach Michael Goode, I suggest that you message him directly.

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[TimChallenge] all traders have that issue sometimes -- you lose most money when your mind is messed up. Go for a walk, watch videos, play Fortnite, work your day-job, etc

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[TimAlerts] +$32k for me today short $TSNP and +$16k shorting it yesterday. Not bad. This is the first time I've had back to back 6 figure months. I had some much smaller wins on OTC longs too.

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[TimChallenge] I did my first gag in here in a long time -- please don't pump illiquid trash or be abusive towards other people

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[TimChallenge] y'all please don't pepper Jack with questions when he is in the middle of a (likely sizeable) trade. And don't ask what he's holding over the weekend when there are 3 hours until the close

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[TimChallenge] Mark Croock had his desk collapse and he was injured somewhat (good reason not to have glass desk imo)

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