@MichaelGoode Hey Michael! What price action do you look for in overnight trades? Thanks.

michaelstevens May 08, 18 4:54 PM

Does a strong close indicate a potential morning spike? Currently longs only for me.

MichaelGoode May 09, 18 10:01 AM

it does make it more likely to gap up but I don't find it that reliable

Freddieferber May 16, 18 6:32 PM

Hello Michael... I just signed up for Silver and am happy to be here. Will not be sending many question, only a very occasional one if critical. Bought IHT today near close after the big dip. In at 2.35, did not bounce. Did not want to hold overnight re: not closing near hight. Cut losses quickly, out at 2.33 after holding to 2 min before close :-) . Any words of wisdom welcome as I am new but study and listen. Trading very small position instead of paper. Thanks so much. Freddie

Freddieferber May 16, 18 6:34 PM

will probably stick to dip buy in the open.

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