@MichaelGoode Hi Michael. You mention on your blog that you do not use TWS anymore, but you are still using Interactive Brokers. I was just wondering if you are using DAS connected with IB or a different broker for the charts and L2 but use IB to execute orders. Thank you.

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MichaelGoode Sep 26, 18 9:58 AM

I don't know where I would have said that -- I still use TWS. I do use DAS Pro with Centerpoint for level 2 and charts

tommyvercetti55 Sep 26, 18 3:04 PM

Oh sorry, I didn't read that carefully. You replied to someone on your blog that you still use TWS but not time and sales and L2. Do you think DAS level 2 and time and sales is more accurate than IB's?

MichaelGoode Sep 27, 18 9:44 AM

TWS L2 & time and sales is just as good but I have always considered TWS charts ugly. I have used them in the past but I just find it easier to use DAS Pro and I have to pay for those charts / L2 anyway whereas I don't have to pay for the IB L2 if I don't want it

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