My April recap; red. -$673. Compared to February and March which were also red, this April was MUCH less loss. But it was only less because I traded much smaller sizes. My overall win rate for this month was 36.25% ( 29 wins / 51 losses). Obviously not happy with this month. Small things I noticed; weeks that I traded LESS, I came out green. Weeks that I traded ALOT, I came out red. Trading is hard. Real hard. Few blog post ago I mention I was gonna stick to trading like Tim. Wait for breaking news and panic dip buys. This month there wasn't much great breaking news that I was able to catch. I've been very reluctant to hit the panic dip buy plays too. Statistically a lot of my winning trades are panic dip buy plays. But for some reason I'm scared. Scared of it dipping more and taking a huge loss because I'm not able to cut loss fast enough OR not being able to make the right call to average down or not. Going to review my trades again and see what I come up with.

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