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nickMO Jan 27, 16 7:12 AM

or recap about the trading day.

Missedy2 Jan 27, 16 9:37 AM

I really hope you dont quit and just take some time off. You've answered many questions I had and gave me advice and I appreciate it .Take a few weeks off if need be and still study and practice ... Both Tims said that in the begining they lost money but they didnt stop and look where they are now... I hope you decide to stick with it

bank_a_tronic Mar 30, 16 2:33 PM

Dustin, I think that you should stick with it, redouble your efforts and give it another go :)) This audiobook on the Secret Law of Vibration (Good Vibes) can really help & work on getting one's frame of mind more geared towards whatever they want to achieve:

bank_a_tronic Mar 30, 16 2:34 PM

Keep it up-there just aren't that many stellar trades everyday-hold out for the sure set-ups! ;) Keep your head up!

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