[TimChallenge] alright y'all - I am out. New best week: $372,836!!! Enjoy the long weekend (dollar)

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[TimChallenge] Thank you everyone!!! Once I got the momentum it happened so fast... incredible market out there. Appreciate y'all!!!

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Great work this year - love following your journey. Any chance you'd be willing to do a few live trades? I'm generally jiving with your approach and analysis of stock movements, I just want to see how you're thinking about these things real time :) @mono_trader

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Mono_trader Jan 05, 21 10:22 AM

I try to record my screen alot... perhaps I will put out a live trading video soon

RichieRich1M Jan 29, 21 5:03 PM

I will follow you on your live stream. You are young but I know you have studied alot... When Jack says you know the most I would like to learn from what you are thinking on the spot. Please do some live trading days.

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simonfuture2 Nov 30, 20 11:43 PM

@Mono_trader great video recap matt. i am having some issues with cutting my losses as well. also gettin excited to trade without a day trade available. today i made a mistake i havent made in over 6 months. and i just entered into a trade without an exit available. dumb move dumb trade! deserved loss. i need to end strong in December by following the rules ALL the WAY! and stay in my niche.

donn Dec 09, 20 7:39 AM

Matt, thanks for your transparency and keeping your trades up to date! For some reason some other big guns quit being transparent in August and makes me wonder if they are having a bad streak. Thanks again, it is helpful to see your progress, and very motivating.

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Everyone please congratulate @mono_trader in challenge chat he's now made $250k after just graduating college and now he's a moderator because he also helps others in the challenge!

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SniperTrader94 Sep 27, 20 6:01 PM

Now up 323K! Congratulations Matt and thank you for the 30 day bootcamp. I'm now on day 8! I am leaning while taking notes and loving every second!

User_1610 Dec 08, 20 6:10 PM

Congratulations On Your Progress!!

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Michelino12 Jul 12, 20 1:16 PM

awesome man! I hope to get like you soon!

Crazey_Canuck Oct 19, 20 10:08 PM

Very Cool Matt Would love to see some of your trades live and really get into more detail Congrats on your success and love the TWIST episodes

Vulcantrader1 Feb 21, 21 3:17 PM

You are doing a great job Matt. You need to make more videos. You explain everything very clear.

bigbear Jan 07, 22 4:41 AM

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@Mono_trader hey matt. first i would like to congratulate to on all of your recent success and for coming out on the 10% side of traders who make money in the market lol. but i been studying full-time almost 6 hours away a day for the past 6 months and have yet gain confidence or consistency. is there a way i could pick your brain for about 10 minutes to gain a little knowledge from an advanced trader such as your self?

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@mono_trader Hey Matt. I just watched the latest interview video Sykes posted and learned that you have a full-time job. I had wrongly assumed that you only did trading full-time, but I am glad to know you've found success while balancing another job. I too have a full-time job and sometimes find myself having trouble balancing my normal workload and the screen time I put into trading. I've been studying since March of this year and am picking up as much information from as many sources as possible so I can eventually make day trading a full-time opportunity for myself. I'd like to know what type of work it is you do full-time, outside of trading, and if you have any tips for balancing your workload between day trading and your other job. For context, I work in AV and Video Telecommunications for a software company and am fortunate to have been able to transition to working from home. Thank you!

Mono_trader Jun 19, 20 11:06 AM

I have a degree in software engineering but... I don't use it lol. I work full time as a financial editor. So I manage a lot of publications related to the stock market. I manage the two by dedicating certain hours for work (7am to 9 am EST) and then certain hours for stocks (9am - 11 am EST). If I have meetings there isn't much I can do. Outside those hours, I don't trade much so mainly focus on work the rest of the day

kcron Jun 19, 20 4:10 PM

Thank you, that's helpful information. Allotting specific hours allows for focused attention to one craft. Much better than being distracted by work and trade which is what I am currently doing. Ha, I was a music major so I know how you feel. I got that college experience though. You get paid to learn more about the stock market… That sounds like a great job for a day trader! Thanks for you time, Matt. I appreciate it.

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Fox_Trader Apr 24, 17 6:10 PM

Im understanding fully what your feeling felt the same way when I started. It will only be destructive to yourself by comparing your earnings to other advanced, vet, and expert traders. Being a devoted trader takes years some can do it in less time, most of us have had issues along the way.

Torkers Apr 24, 17 6:43 PM

This is a marathon - not a sprint- Keep up the good work and im sure you will stay profitable =)

Mono_trader Apr 24, 17 7:45 PM

Great post and great progress. I will be checking out your twitter later today!

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