DM4BigD Mar 15, 18 8:41 PM

Don't beat yourself up too much since your behavior resemble perhaps 50% or more of this country. The best part of your blog is you recognize your weakness and problems. This indicates you're ready to fix it. When you are truly motivated and committed to success your weaknesses will become a distant past. Stick with it you will succeed. No pro athlete got there overnight

mallcop2000 Mar 15, 18 8:53 PM

Best of luck, hope you find success.

Natureboy55 Mar 16, 18 1:58 AM

Thanks guys and sorry for the late reply (just got home from work) I'ts been a demon all my life. "i'll do the hw tomorrow and play video games today mentality." Recently, i've gotten a little better about it and will try my best to continue to make small improvements until I get where I wanna be.

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