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Chevon May 24, 21 10:11 PM

Thank you for being transparent. Losses like that are by no means easy but learning from them is the point. Downsizing and re-focusing is probably a wise idea.

Quickbags Jul 17, 21 9:30 AM

Thanks for sharing this Kyle, it takes a lot out of a person to do so. Hope you have a quick recovery and can get back on your feet

BillDubois Nov 29, 21 3:12 AM

Thank you for sharing this information. Your information prompted me not to stop there. I want to learn and develop daily. But when it comes to a business in which I do not have the skills, I prefer to contact the professionals That is why I often use the services of this company. These guys help me improve my business presentation and make slides professionally. It is an indispensable help for me and for my business.

brandonkoy Jun 05, 4:04 PM

the pain of size, not cutting losses quick, avging down. reason for my two biggest losses in may. glad you have this lesson

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