Received 8 Karmas
Noble1222 Mar 28, 18 5:47 PM

hey nodrog - many thanks for your comment. i'm trucking along, studying harder than ever and staying vigilent. wish you good luck in your journey too.

asfricksrs Mar 28, 18 8:08 PM

Thank you...know you are not alone...I have a bag now and all its trappings as we speak and I know better. I told myself when I cut it I will become transparent and post all my 6 negative trades! Growth during the journey has many twists that we say "I won't do that" as the examples dance in front of our eyes! Tuition! Thanks for your post.

andreffael Mar 29, 18 7:18 AM

Just wanted to give you props for sharing your losses, it's a great deal & I think it will help you overcome them. You also learned from them so that's good. Good luck on your journey, you can make it!

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