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Kody Feb 07, 18 7:37 AM

Yeah you described part of my mental battle before getting myself to hit the buy button. Fear of being wrong and failure is what gets me. Like you said keep your position size small. Personally I'm more mad at myself for psyching myself out of a trade vs making a plan, entering the trade and sticking to it regardless of the outcome.

Nodrog Feb 07, 18 8:06 AM

@alexg0930 This is the way to go. The thing is that I know this. That's why I made the plan to reduce my size in the first place. And yet, I let the potential of bigger profits spoil that plan by thinking about bigger size. Great to see that others are making great progress with this strategy! Thanks!

Nodrog Feb 07, 18 8:08 AM

@Kody Exactly! That's how I feel, too! So, small size it is. Sounds so simple.

Nodrog Feb 07, 18 8:26 AM

@alexg0930 I totally agree! BTW, I like your video about using 60min charts. This also helps to take some of the emotion out of the trade (I guess).

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